I believe you deserve a life where you look in the mirror and love what you see, everyday.

I believe its possible for you create your own style essence and rock a look you love even if:

  • You are overwhelmed by your wardrobe

  • Have nothing to wear that excites you

  • Are confused by colour

  • Clueless about accessories

  • You are not your ideal body weight or shape

  • On a budget

It is my mission to help you discover and create your own unique style essence through the magic of colour, make-up, clothing and accessories.

I believe when you connect to your true style essence, you bloom and radiate an irresistible aura of attraction which I call the "I freak'n rock" factor.

When you are radiating at this high vibration you attract all sorts of wonderful people, places and experiences to your life.

I have discovered the secret to style (at any age or size) is getting intimate with your assets and unleashing your beautiful. 

If you have any questions or would like to chat further about my styling offerings please connect with me through the link below.

1. Closet Cleanse

Prior to my visit you will be given some homework (via email).  You will explore your unique style essence by creating a Pinterest board of style/clothing/colours that you love. 


How It Works

I visit your home and your wardrobe (in person). We spend 4 hours together blessing and releasing all the items that no longer fit, flatter or make you feel fabulous.

  • I visit your home and your wardrobe (in person).

  • We go through every item in your wardrobe. No garment, shoe or accessory is left unturned.

  • The only items that we keep are the are ones that fit and make you feel fabulous.

  • We allocate each item to either a keep, donate or alter pile.

  • We play Dress Ups and I help you co-ordinate outfits with the items you decide to keep.

  • I will photograph the outfits we create on my iPhone and send them to you straight away for your easy reference.

  • I help you put everything back in your closet and arrange everything in a pleasing (and logical) manner, so you can shop your own wardrobe everyday.

  • After our visit I will provide you with a shopping list of items that would make fabulous additions to your wardrobe, so you can shop with confidence.

Investment: $550

Cleansing your closet is an emotional process. I am there to support you and provide the strength to keep you on track, even when you feel your conviction is wavering and the process gets overwhelming. 

After you will feel lighter and a renewed sense of energy and well being. Getting dressed each day will no longer be a battle and you will feel confident and stylish in the outfits you choose to wear.