" I love my Goddess Garland the energy I feel when I wear it is amazing." - SONJA

"I love Amanda's intuitive approach to creating. There is a synergy and healing that is inherent in what she puts together. In my heart I felt Amanda would create magic for me that I could wear. I have not taken off my Goddess Garland for the last 3 years, it adorns my outfits beautifully". Maria. D.


"Not only is the Goddess Garland a stunning piece of jewellery, wearing it makes me feel great about who I am. It's like my individuality on the inside is displayed on the outside and I feel DIVINE, a Goddess adorned." - Maria. G.

"I have just received my Goddess Garland and it is just gorgeous. Thank you so much and I will wear it often." -JUDY

"I am so in love with my Goddess Garland. I feel so connected to my divine self when I wear it. The crystals and the design are a true reflection of who I am. Amanda's creations are just so unique and rare. I honestly would be lost without mine as it now a part of who I am". -KAREN


"I received the most gorgeous Goddess Garland from a super talented lady... Amanda.   These are soooo beautiful. Feeling super blessed". VICKI

"You are so talented. Love love love my beautiful necklace you made. It is exactly what i wanted. Thank you."  TRINITY

"I have been wearing your necklaces for the last few years. I have built up a beautiful collection and ALWAYS get comments when I wear them.

They make me feel amazing.  Thank you for making such beautiful, wearable, meaningful jewellery." - SHARON