The Goddess Garland

Do you desire to:

  • Awaken your shakti (feminine energy)?
  • Supercharge your chakras?
  • Harness your healing powers?
  • Protect yourself from negative energy, people and places?
  • Create a daily ritual of self-love?
  • Connect to your higher self?
  • Empower your positivity?
  • Feel inspired and aligned with the divine?
  • Strengthen your feminine charms?
  • Unleash your goddess superpowers?

Goddess Garland

I will create for you a Goddess Garland.

A magical necklace featuring whimsical charms, crystal beads and healing gemstones that provide divine support at your fingertips.

An anchor to ground you and provide a moment of stillness in a busy and stressful day.

A personal power piece to transmit, transform and store your dreams and desires.
Infused with your intentions this gorgeous necklace will wrap you in love and take you from day to night.

Adorning your neck or you altar, your Goddess Garland will be a stylish addition to your spiritual toolkit.

The Goddess Garland looks amazing with jeans and a kimono cardigan and is the perfect accessory to rock your little black dress!

You will feel stylish and sublime knowing that you are protected and a supercharged hit of healing crystal is only a touch away.

How It Works

We will connect via email where you can share with me the areas in your life that you are needing divine feminine support.

I will then select 3 cards from the Doreen Virtue Goddess Oracle Deck. I will intuitively connect with the messages from the cards and provide you a written PDF reading complete with images of the intuitive process and three customised Beautiful Bloom affirmation cards (PDF) for you to infuse your Goddess Garland with.

I will then create a customised Goddess Garland necklace featuring whimsical charms, crystal beads, healing gemstones and colours (guided by your reading)  that will support and empower you to unleash your inner goddess.

I will also provide you with written instructions on how to create a daily self-love ritual with your Goddess Garland and how to infuse it with your intentions.

Your Goddess Garland will be shipped (by registered post) within two weeks of your reading. Your PDF reading will be emailed to you on the same day your Goddess Garland is shipped.

Who Am I?

Iā€™m an intuitive artist,  beauty alchemist and glamorous goddess (on a good day).

I re-connect women to their inner (and outer) beauty so they can rock their self-love vibes, shed their cloak of invisibility and step onto the center stage of their lives (adorned in divine accessories of course)!

I have been creating Goddess Garlands for over 10 years. They adorn the necks of countless women the world over.

This is an opportunity for you to own a customised crystal necklace that expresses your soul essence, raises your vibration and harnesses the divine feminine power of the universe.


" I love my Goddess Garland the energy I feel when I wear it is amazing.
The Goddess Oracle reading which Amanda did for me was also so empowering.

Amanda is amazing and I'm grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with such an beautiful soul." - SONJA


"Not only is the Goddess Garland a stunning piece of jewellery, wearing it makes me feel great about who I am. It's like my individuality on the inside is displayed on the outside and I feel DIVINE, a Goddess adorned." - Maria. G.

"I have just received my Goddess Garland and it is just gorgeous. Thank you so much and I will wear it often." -JUDY


"I received the most gorgeous Goddess Garland from a super talented lady... Amanda does a reading and based on what comes up in that reading she creates a personalised garland. These are soooo beautiful and the reading was amazing! Feeling super blessed". VICKI

"You are so talented. Love love love my beautiful necklace you made. It is exactly what i wanted. Thank you."  TRINITY

"I have been wearing your necklaces for the last few years. I have built up a beautiful collection and ALWAYS get comments when I wear them.

They make me feel amazing.  Thank you for making such beautiful, wearable, meaningful jewellery." - SHARON