Do you feel?

  • Miserable. Waiting for the numbers on the scale to change before shopping for new clothes?

  • Bored. Wearing the same old thing, over and over again.

  • Clueless about colour, fashion trends and what clothing styles suit you.

  • Overwhelmed by your wardrobe. So many clothes and nothing to wear.

  • Ashamed. Hiding your body in baggy clothes and avoiding the beach.

  • Wishful. Wasting your precious life away, dreaming of thinner thighs?

Do you desire?

  • Style and the ability to co-ordinate your clothing with flair. 

  • Beauty and the knowledge to adorn and enhance your best features.

  • Confidence to rock the latest looks.

  • Love and the ability to attract more abundance into your life.

  • Empowerment. Feeling fabulous about your body (just the way it is).

  • Calm. A de-cluttered and organised wardrobe.

  • More outfits from less clothing.

I have discovered the secret to style at any age or size is getting intimate with your assets,

embracing your beautiful and discovering the best clothing shapes,

colours and accessories for your body.

Looking gorgeous is about tapping into your unique style essence, your beautiful blueprint

and connecting to your divine femininity.

0001 5.jpg

I have created Hot Mess To Glam Goddess,

a 5 week online process that will allow you transform

yourself (your look and your life).

During this journey you will:

1. Discover

  • Your Body Type - Discover your body type and the most flattering clothing shapes.

  • Your Colour Pallet - Discover the best colours for your skin tone.

  • Your Style Essence - Discover your unique beautiful blueprint.

2. Cleanse

  • Closet Cleanse - Bless and release all the items of clothing you no longer wear.

  • Create Calm - Storing all items in an aesthetic and orderly way to create calm.

3. Style

  • Shop Your Own Wardrobe - Colour blocking clothing and creating visual appeal so it is a pleasure to get dressed every day.

  • Dress Up Day - Be your own stylist while you have fun mixing it up, creating more outfits from less.

4. Adorne

  • The Art Of Accessories - Complete your look with on trend accessories that complement your style.

  • The Art Of Make-Up - Creating different faces for different occasions.

  • Hot Hair - Experiment and develop confidence in styling your mane asset.

5. Unleash

  • Be-friend Your Inner Bitch - Banish the "I look too big in this" blues. Learn how to embody the "I freak'n rock" factor.

  • Raising Your (Self-) Love Vibe - Creating self-love rituals and the power of joy.

  • Gorgeous Gratitude - Creative ways of expressing your gratitude and loving yourself (and the universe) up!

During your journey you will also have access to my private facebook group where I will be available to answer your questions and support your transformation.