I am so thrilled to help you on your journey to creating

amazing images for your beautiful brand or personal use.

I know it can feel very intimidating when you are preparing to have your professional photos taken for the first (or even 100th) time. 

Do not despair. I am here to guide you. One of my superpowers is kindness

and it is my joy to hold your heart

during the process to ensure you feel comfortable and connected to the creative process at all times.


Many women feel that they need to be the perfect weight or size,

have the trendiest clothes or the most successful business

to have professional images taken.

However I can assure you (pinkie promise) this is not the case.

It is (very) possible to capture beautiful, affirming images of you that embody your brand EVEN if:

  • You are not at your ideal weight

  • You don’t have the funds or time to invest in new clothes or accessories

  • You believe you are not photogenic

  • You have no idea how to pose or what’s your best side

  • You are extremely nervous and would rather have root canal than your portrait taken

Things to know:

  • It will feel awkward having your photo taken. Some of the poses may feel unnatural but the camera loves them and they often make for the most flattering images.

  • Professional make-up will help your face to really pop in the images (essential for connection with potential clients).

  • Having your hair styled for the shoot is a worthwhile investment. You are showing up as the VERY best version of yourself.

  • You probably already have at least 3 suitable outfits for the shoot (hidden away in your closet).

  • Wearing a flattering colour and some jewellery to frame your face will add to the power of your images.

  • It is my job to discover the best and most flattering angles for your photographs to ensure you have images that you LOVE.

  • I will take many, many photos in our time together. This means we will have a wonderful selection to choose from.

  • You will feel totally exhausted but exhilarated after your shoot. I recommend going home after and chill-laxing, ordering take out and sipping on your happy drink of choice.

If you have any questions or would like to chat further about my photography offerings connect with me through the link below.

1. Portrait Petite

Perfect if you are requiring some authentic and flattering portraits for your business or personal branding (think website, Facebook, linked in or even E-harmony).

"I have had nothing but compliments regarding my new profile pics

and I absolutely love them". - Marie Artist

How It Works

Meet with me at the location of your choice where I will capture your essence in natural lighting with my love lens.

We work together to create a variety of both "in the moment" and styled images.

Allow 2 hours for this experience.

What's included:

  • 30 minute Skype consultation to chat about creative direction and styling.

  • Style Essence Creative Board process on Pinterest

  • 30 minute Skype follow up consultation to finalise outfit and location selections.

  • 2 hour photo shoot.

  • 20 high resolution, fully edited digital images.

Investment: $888


“Working with Amanda was a breeze. She was able to channel my inner essence and joy and capture it through her lens. Amanda was completely supportive and highly professional and I would recommend her unconditionally.

It was really affirming to have beautiful professional photographs of myself”
— Susan

2. Beautiful & Branded

The essential package for your beautiful business. Whether you are just starting your entrepreneurial journey or looking to up level your existing business with authentic and professional images that capture the spirit and message of your brand.

I specialise in editorial style photographs that are perfect for your website and social media. I shoot many images in our time together, perfect for your presence on Instagram and Facebook. The images we create support you in attracting your ideal clients and telling the story of your brand.

How It Works

This package allows up to two different locations in Sydney/Metro.

What's included:

  • 2 x 30 minute Skype consultations to chat about creative direction and styling

  • Style Essence Board Creative Process

  • 4 hour photo shoot

  • 2 different locations

  • 40 high resolution, fully edited digital images.

Investment: $1688