Hi Lovely, I'm Amanda.

I believe:

  • That when you connect to your beauty you discover your truth.

  • That jewellery is more than just a frivolous fancy.

  • Adornment is power.

  • When you feel beautiful you unleash your magic.

  • When you rock your radiance you create a life you love.

  • When you love yourself absolutely, you attract the love of your life.

  • That looking and feeling glamorous is possible for every woman.


It is my mission to help women connect to their feminine magic and look (and feel)

beautiful and empowered no matter what their age or size.

Iā€™m an intuitive stylist, real beauty portrait photographer and glamorous goddess (on a good day).

I help women to awaken the goddess within, through adornment,

beauty, colour and style so they can rock their radiance and live lives of passion and purpose.

"Beauty begins the moment

you decide to be yourself" - Coco Chanel

I'm here to support you if you desire to:

 Create authentic real beauty portraits that capture your soul.

Connect to your creativity and dress in a way that truly reflects your unique style essence.

Master the art of accessories and layering so you can learn how to mix and match your wardrobe to create a more glamorous style.

To feel passionate and on purpose.

Re-connect to the joy of dressing up and have fun with fashion, colour and accessories.

Raise your love vibration so you can attract more love, success and abundance into your life.

"Glamour isn't about age, shape or size.

You don't have to be pretty to have it.

Anyone can create it."

Dita Von Teese

My Story

My love affair with glamour, style and accessories runs deep. Even from the age of 6 my favourite past time was dress ups.

I would spend hours dressing up and playing make believe. I loved how wearing different outfits transformed my world. 

Hats and handbags were absolute heaven to me.


As a teenager I discovered make-up. I was hooked on the transformation that adding a dash of lipstick created. 

I was learning that when I felt attractive, I felt better and make-up was my medicine.

My first full time job was as a receptionist at a designer fashion label.

I was enamoured with the fashion industry and loved being part of this glamorous scene.

In my mid 20's I had the confidence to create a fashion label of my own.

I became a (self taught) handbag and shoe designer, creating seasonal fashion ranges

and selling nationally (Australia) as well as globally. I exhibited my collection at Australian Mercedes Fashion week

and was featured in many magazine editorial spreads.


I retired my accessory label to raise my two young daughters.

However my creative calling was strong and when my youngest daughter was 6 months old (over 12 years ago)

I created a range of jewellery using crystals and up-cycled jewellery.

I also fell in love with the lens and my passion with portrait photography begin.

At first just a hobby, a way to record the life of my daughters however I discovered

how empowering capturing the real beauty of women could be.

Exploring my spirituality has connected me to my path of the divine feminine.

In my 40's I discovered what it was to embody the goddess.

I realised when I connected to my feminine power I discovered an inexhaustible supply of passion, pleasure and creativity.

When I am connected to my divine feminine power

I know I can achieve anything from this place of pleasure.

I believe that when you feel gorgeous (and look fabulous) you radiate

an irresistible allure that attracts love, success and abundance to your life.

It is my greatest wish for you, that you experience the same.

"I believe in manicures.

I believe in overdressing. 

I believe in primping at leisure

and wearing lipstick."

Audrey Hepburn

If you are ready to rock your radiance and unleash your goddess,

I would be honoured to support you on your journey.

Let your magic begin.